Aircraft Parts

Would be builders of WW1 aircraft are aware of the many small metal fittings needed to build a full size aircraft and of the great amount of time it would take to fabricate these parts.  That fact alone could be the reason many would be builders may give up the challenge of building an aircraft.

Help is now available from some very talented W.W One aircraft builders from whom parts can be purchased.

Roger Freeman

Roger Freeman who is well known for his WW1 aircraft building and flying is now building a SPAD XIII and has agreed to provide laser cut parts for several ships including but not confined to the Sopwith's, Snipe, Pup, Camel, Strutter and Triplane as well as SPAD parts.  

The much used Sopwith S.L. fittings will be available.  These are the small metal fuselage fittings that hold the vertical and horizontal wood members to the longerons.  Front motor mount plates will also be offered.  Laser cut wood and ply such as the webs of wing ribs will also be available.  The possibilities are endless.

Roger Freeman is now alos offering laser cut hanger art signs.  Perfect for a hanger or a man-cave!  These signs are renditions of early aviation company logos that have been cut as profiles and are powder coated black. 

Roger Freeman

190 Pershing Lane

Kingsbury, Texas  78638

Phone:  1-830-639-4550



Kip Motor Company 

Besides ignition components and switches for early aircraft, the Kip Motor Company manufactures a full range of metal fittings and other components for Sopwith and other aircraft.  Customers can view and order directly from Kip's  website , or call to discuss your particular needs.

Kip Lankenau, President

Kip Motor Company

2127 Crown Road

Dallas, Texas  75229



Thomas Restoration & Manufacturing  LLC

Thomas Restoration & Manufacturing  LLC can provide custom machining and fabrication for most WWI aircraft, but mostly Fokker DVII and Triplane.  Fokker parts from landing gear and wing strut ball and socket fittings, cockpit controls, and restore or replicate gauges and instruments.  The Morell anemometers, compass mounts and fuel gauges I'm sure you have seen.  Custom wood work is also available.  They also make the A&P 121 tubing for Sopwith aircraft.  They have just about anything a builder needs.  Unfortunately they have no website now; future project when time allows.

Thomas Restration & Manufacturing LLC

970 Clarkson-Parma Townline Rd.

Hilton, NY 14468



These gentlemen are craftsmen of the highest caliber and will give you work of the finest quality.  When contacting them please mention Jim Kiger of Replicraft.